DeWitt, Iowa

I spent a week with The Colts Drum and Bugle Corps during their Spring training.

6:00 AM - Dark Places

6:00 AM, I turn off the lights before going to bed. It's been a long night of creativity and production. A long morning of sleep will hopefully prepare for the exciting days ahead.


Where Fire Hath Been

High & Low

Snow, OK - Spring 2017

The weekend a new fictional adventure was born... get ready.


It's a place where only you can be...

Rendered in Blender 3D by Aaron J. Morton

Rendered in Blender 3D by Aaron J. Morton

Model City

by Aaron J. Morton

First Friday Art Crawl - Tulsa, OK

If you're in Tulsa on the first Friday of the month, you need to head over to the Brady Arts District for a beautiful, festive gathering of art, music and culture!


I've been in this smile game for a long time. I consider myself a smile expert, which is something you should be able to put on your resume in times such as these.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day most people became aware I had a penchant for dancing on street corners with signs that say "smile", so I took them out for one final run.

Looking at them now, I see the colors have faded and the corners are tattered. These signs have been loved and they've brought a years worth of smiles to hundreds of people all over tulsa. They've earned a long rest because like any great tool, the time eventually comes for an upgrade. But I'll always look fondly on these beat up old signs because they worked as much magic yesterday as the did the first time I took them for a spin.

Two more reasons to smile.


Storm Passes Tulsa

Tulsa has a mysterious immunity to severe weather. It's rather common for giant storms to split down the middle right when they get here. Today was no different. Aside from some lightning and a bit of rain, today's big storms didn't have much of an effect on the Tulsa metro.

Photos by Aaron J. Morton
EXCEPT the last one. That one is by Morgan C Morton!

5-Minute Sketches by SC King

For me, I don't think I ever truly appreciate the beauty of people until I've drawn them. Tonight I decided to see if I could capture some of that beauty with a 5 minute time limit. I created a post on facebook asking people to drop a comment if they wanted to have a 5 minute sketch. I got over 80 replies in just over an hour and these 8 were the fastest.


New Shoes Resolutions

I've done this since High School. It doesn't always make a huge difference, but I still like to keep it up. I do participate in New Years resolutions on occasion, but years ago, I started making resolutions any time I got a new pair of shoes. What's cool about this is, especially as a guy, these will be the shoes I wear primarily for several months now. They will be with me whenever I make decisions, whenever I take on difficult tasks, and whenever I achieve my goals.

So for probably about the 10th time, I am making new shoes resolutions.


I will continue to bring Wonderheim into realization, making creative content every week.

I will continue to reach out and collaborate with more Tulsa artists.

And may the odds be in our favor... We will rehearse, shoot, edit, and release Don't Bring Me Down!


Aaron J. Morton + SC King

Team up. Find someone who's looking for the same treasure. Compare maps. Go the distance. Let them challenge your ideas. Offer your secrets. When you make it, you'll have someone there who 100% understands what you've achieved.


Get out there. Sometimes you have to remember to pause life so you can really live for a minute. Where do you go to get in tune with yourself? Maybe all that advice we're tired of hearing is true... life is too short. Stop and smell the roses... But allow me to do you one better...

Live in a rose garden.


SC King - My America



If I were to sketch my America 
If I tried, I see a woman with blood red eyes.
Red like blood that once pumped in the veins 
Of the beaten and whipped, the sold and the slain.
Her hair, once grass green, has started to fade
And since has become a more industrial shade
She's covered in scars from the battle within 
But each cut, a memory of where she has been.
A stripe cross her face that will not be removed
Until all the body moves as one and unity proved
Her skin is late afternoon as the colors collide 


pigments have clashed but still boasts them with pride
She is damaged, molested and consistently ill..
But still fights for tomorrow and you can't break her will.
My America is beautiful.

Anthony, Kansas

These photos were taken a couple years ago in an annual balloon festival in Anthony, KA. This town had so much character, I just couldn't help myself! -Aaron

3d Renderings of the Future...

Aaron here.

So I've been playing with the open source miracle Blender 3D for about a decade. One of the things we're hoping to use more of is 3D animation. Luckily there's a new project coming up creatively lead by SC King. To start working on the idea, I put this image together. It's nothing like what we will have put together when we're done, but you'll see soon enough! Stay tuned!

Magic Box

A magic box
A music machine
With keys to the soul
And hammers that sing
Speak without speaking
Play it or practice
But past its facade
It's a magical thing