A Rainy Day in Tulsa - AJM

A Rainy Day in Tulsa - AJM

Part 1 of my journey from a car wreck to making dreams happen.

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Be sure and check out @DamondsDroneography who provided the two drone clips in the middle of the film.

And thank you to Kathleen McDonald @deathstardarling for getting some extra shots for me!

Wonderheim in 2019

Greetings all! I’m thrilled to be reporting back on the Wonderheim site for the first time in a while, because without much fanfare, we’ve been working on some large-scale wonders!

SC King and I are busy crafting one of our biggest productions to date, while myself and Zach Raw break ground on another!

2018 saw a lot of growth for our artistic careers in Tulsa and beyond. Personally, I’ve been spending more time with my non-profit organization Zephyrus Arts Institute. Zephyrus is dedicated to providing arts education opportunities in the Tulsa area. The flagship program is our SoundSport Team which is an ensemble moving towards becoming a national-touring drum corps.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be expanding my work in the area of scoring films! After a couple years of working on some amazing festival shorts, I’ve been contracted to write the original scores for multiple major feature films!

Stephen is hard at work (as always) on several creative projects including the next chapter to Darkly, an audiobook, and his imaginative TV pilot, Possiprobamaybe!

Much is being made, so look forward to seeing more soon. As a matter of fact, I think a Wonder might be popping up here in a moment… you never know for sure. Might want to check back at midnight!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! SC King and I are hard at work on multiple projects, but more on that later. May your time with loved ones be warm and memorable. May your season be full of surprises and cheer. May the end of 2017 bring hope for 2018 to be your best year yet.

Don't fear people's attitudes. Don't fret their words. The world needs your love, your patience, and your creativity. Let the world be brightened by every trip out your front door, and by every time you open your phone. If you can make someone smile, you can make a difference.

And that's our plan: more smiles, more wonder. Have a happy week, stuff your face, and stay tuned for a new video soon!

-Aaron & the rest of the Wonderheim team

Of the Matter of Being an Artist

Opportunities will come. As you hone your craft, you'll be offered work , money, resources, and experiences. How you choose to accept, deny, and use these experiences will drive your path. Until you have become a remarkable creator, you have no control over your future. It is only when you are presented with an actual choice, are you given that power.

Be more remarkable, and more cards will be on the table.


Music to my Eyes

You can't see it yet, but everything we're working on is steering us towards a bright future. Not just us, Wonderheim. Us, all of us. As you work on your craft, your portfolio, your relationships, and your family, you are inching closer to your potential. Potential is not endless, but the possibilities are. There may be invisible walls in between you and the top of the world, but you'll never know until you reach them.

My point is this: Not everyone who tries, succeeds. But as you know, not trying decreases your chances infinitely.

My day has come, 
oh how time flies
My dream is music to my eyes...


The Story Behind "Reflections I"

Aaron here. Wanted to make sure to introduce a dear friend, and incredibly talented Tulsan. If you saw the wonder that went up 12:00 AM on Tuesday, then I'd like to further introduce to you, Sarah Rillo. She's an ultra-talented dancer, instructor, and choreographer; and she's back in Tulsa. Well actually not this very minute. She's currently on the road with the world-renown Phantom Regiment as a choreographer.

But her home base has returned to the Tulsa area after several years of learning, teaching, and dancing in Michigan and around the world. In one of our first meetings after her return, we went around the block to find a lit up fountain with one intention: Make something awesome.

She has ben doing improv dancing around different architecture and environments as an exercise. Well, we decided to do just that, but add the element of music as a reactive component. Whatever she did would generate the music.

Anyway, it was a blast to work on, and I think we'll get around to doing several more very soon. In the meantime, Wonderheim is REALLY back to uploading on the regular after a busy month.

Stay tuned as always.

Music is in the Air!

Did you catch last week's Teleport? Well, that song is getting longer. Just as the drums build at the end, it feels too much like a beginning. So, I've continued work on the piece and will be thrilled to release it here soon!

I'm also happy to report that I've been taking up the mandolin more seriously this year, and am making real progress! Its sound will sweep into upcoming wonders with ease.

Also, a note to Bixby Band students - There is a hint lurking on the website related to your show trailer. Good luck.


Wonderheim - Now Uploading 365

Wonderheim.com is the home of music, film, art, and other wonders now uploading every day 365 days a year! Since January 1st, we've been on a schedule of Monday through Friday at 12:00 AM. Now with more categories like the book Darkly by SC King, we have enough wonders to keep us busy through the weekend!

This week we've already brought forward two film wonders and a brand new RADIO page, featuring all of our musical creations! The last few days have already seen the highest traffic to wonderheim.com in weeks. We couldn't be happier or more determined to put the pedal to the metal.


Never Settle

Tonight could have been an archived audio file of music that was produced in advance and took no time to upload. There've been a couple posts like that before when we were running short on time. Tonight, however, I'm not gonna do that. With the vision of more video content, I'm going to create a visual accompaniment to any songs going forward. So, Monday morning, 12:00 AM, watch out for something really cool!

As an aside, this week concluded the first chapter of Darkly by SC King! We hope you're enjoying the mystery. The second chapter is not far behind!



W blog.png

This weekend was the Winter Guard International world championships. With that ends a season of competition from groups at the middle school level all the way up to adult hyper-athlete. I personally worked with a few groups from Michigan that went to this event, and my home program of Bixby, which spent the season developing skills at home.

Dance is a different kind of art. It often relies on other arts to support it, namely music. Without music, dance is a challenge. A silent dance is awkward to the uneducated viewer. Additionally, costuming helps convey character. props convey setting. Eventually you can combine enough mediums and dance is the protagonist to a full-blown story.

Wonderheim looks to embark deeper into the art of dance soon. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks!



It’s quiet…. Too quiet.

Well worry not! This week brings exciting new wonders in multiple feeds! However, I’ll admit it’s been hectic successfully uploading a wonder 5 days a week. Stephen and I have been keeping ourselves busy with multiple projects.

Going forward I believe I’d be steering Wonderheim in a positive direction to work harder to produce more film content, so that’s going to be a priority. Also, stay tuned this month for yet another new feed on the website!



Calm before the Storm

I'm glad to say we've been uploading creative things every weekday at midnight without fail since the beginning of the year, aside from a few slightly after-midnight uploads. Our busy schedules have made the bigger projects more difficult to put together, but quite a few are coming! Be on the lookout as the next couple months brings more cool videos, music, and art, all while keeping up with the new book, Darkly by SC King!

Also, we'll be updating our WONDERHEIM CITIZENS on Don't Bring Me Down soon. So if you want to know what the latest on that is, be sure to subscribe! Non-plot-related spoiler alert: The schedule has been pushed back... for exciting reasons!