Everybody wears a mask at one point or another. There are many reasons to wear a mask but the one reason no one shoukd ever don a mask is fear. whether it's to instil fear into the hearts of others or for fear of others knowing the real you. Fear should not be the makeup of your mask. When it comes to many people in the countless fan communities around the world, there are often an equally countless number of masks. Enter the fandom life society.

Born from the ambition of one Peter Pixie, the fandom life society is a small group of individuals that want to help those restrained by fear to break their bonds. To feel comfortable in your own skin and be proud of your many hobbies, pastimes and invested entertainments, that is a luxury that not everyone has. We don't always live in an accepting world and sometimes it's easier just to keep that part of you hidden. Peter's dream was to expand these communities and gather scattered individuals of the various fandoms, to bring them together and give them the tools to love themselves, each other, and in turn the world.


Wonderheim is proud to partner with such a cause for an upcoming series of live shows, filled with music, dancing and a spirit of togetherness. the banishment of fear starts with you, and Fandom Life Society is here to offer guidance in the road to freedom of fear.