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If you're listening closely, you can hear the hype train rolling into the station. For some it's already been here a while. Now, it seems, most Tulsans know what's coming. So much has grown in and around downtown. Art is popping up everywhere. The music and film scenes are alive and well. The behemoth of a project, A Gathering Place For Tulsa, is inching towards completion.

What does it all mean? I mean I understand the skeptics. It's not another oil boom. There's not millions of dollars under our dirt just waiting to be drilled out and sold. Except... there is. Instead of under ground, it's under a different surface. The creative minds of Tulsa aren't like those of cities like Hollywood, or Nashville. People don't migrate here in droves to "get their chance". They come here, or are born here and have decided to make it big. No, again, not "make it big" like win the lottery or American Idol. Make it... Make it.

The artists of all callings here are working to build their own city. We're a small, but proud part of that movement. What happens when a community of these people come together? Set your clocks. You're about to see. We think by the end of the year, more changes will make Tulsa self-aware of the treasure it really is.

Last week, we posted this WONDER called "New Black Gold" as an illustration of this point.