If you haven't already seen it, our new 3-minute musical film, Feel Some Love is online. It was uploaded just in time for Valentine's Day. Here's how the process went: 

1: we decide in advance we want to collaborate with Annie Elliott on a music video of some sort.

2. Thursday I realize ahead of actually putting it together, that the song Stephen as in mind is a cover. 

3. After thinking about it, I mention to Stephen that we've never released a cover online before, outside of the Christmas Special format. 

4. Friday morning: time to record. Stephen has just written a new original song. We record the vocals and a basic instrumental.

5. Friday night: I add the rest of the instrumentation to the vocal portions of the song. 

6. Saturday morning:  SC King and Annie Ellicott meet, discuss and rehearse their dialogue and choreography.

7. Saturday afternoon: we record their joint dialogue scene and Annie's musical footage. 

8: Sunday: we record SC King's musical footage. 

9: Monday: I spend all day editing, scoring, adding sound effects, etc for it's midnight launch on Wonderheim.com just in time for Valentine's Day. 

And that's how it goes.  all it takes is some creative people to come together... the magic happens.

We hope we made you smile!