Tonight, at the Oscars, the wrong film was announced for the most sought-after award of the night; best film. The cast and crew of La La Land was on stage, half way through acceptance speeches, they realized the wrong card was read. They didn't win.

Those nearest to the microphone were clear; "The real winners are Moonlight." They didn't ask for pity. They asked for respect, and no further distraction from the real winners of the award.


Not all of us artists have gone through a let down that feels like that one must have, but we do deal with something else that's nearly as challenging. Not being recognized at all. Plenty of talented people in the world create amazing masterworks with their own blood, sweat, and tears, draining their finances and starving to death. Musicians and actors keep waiting for their turn to be picked. Writers keep submitting...

A special few of them fall into a special sub-category: Classy. These artists don't need standing ovations. They don't need trophies. They don't even need the praise of their peers. They create because they have to. It's in their DNA.

Wonderheim is not the crew of La La Land. We haven't created anything of that film's creative mastery. However we hope that in this time of having such a small fan base, that we've made you smile... and we hope to keep it up.

As long as we can.