Just a few hours ago, Lady Gaga dove into Super Bowl LI and put on an impressive show that will go down in history. It's the kind of moment that a lot of people discuss as a cornerstone of their future plans. Step one: get famous. Step two: sell records. Step three: something or other. Step four: Play at the Super Bowl.

While we cant identify as an organization hell bent on that specific stage, wee look ahead to the things we're building and hope to create moments that last as long as that one will. Lady Gaga is a wonderful performer, and excellent pop artist. Look out for the others rising to the occasion. Many wonderful minds across the country and around the world are training, and building, just like we are. One day, well have an audience watching. What we do with it, will be history.

Join this club. The artists. The risk-takers. We're the ones ready to make history or die. Were ready. Are you?