Saturday night, SC King and I attended, and helped host Fandom Life Society's To Be A Hero. We knew ahead of time the crowd would be small, but we used that as motivation to reward the few that came with an unforgettable evening. Wonderheim provided the music and digital presentation, SC King specifically took the stage for the largest portion of the show.

What I knew ahead of time, was the marketing for the event wasn't as such that people knew what it really was. What I didn't know, is that even for the small number of people there, it would work. At the end of the night, if you can imagine, about ten people who came out cheered loud and clear. The experience was a valid, entertaining presentation.

After it was over, I instantly had a new vision for what was possible. Here's how SC King Described it:

So I have an amazing story.

Let me tell you about the fandom Life Society:to be a hero event

Tonight I was inspired in a beautiful way. For the last several months we've been preparing this show. Peter MC came to me last year and ask Suzy Specter and I to be apart of an inspirational show for nerds. A show to build up people in the fandom community Through words of wisdom, Music and Dance. To encourage self love and growth within and outside of the community. I came on board and brought on my colleague Aaron J. Morton because we're a duo and my magic burns brighter with him attached.

It's been a bumpy ride because Peter lived out of town, so we were only able to all get together in person every now and again, also we had problems with marketing for months because it was sometimes difficult to classify what our show was to sell it to people. It wasn't a convention and it wasn't just a panel. But we pressed forward anyways.

As the week of the show Drew close, we saw that no tickets had sold for the entirety of the time we had the event online. James Fowler, the CEO of Tokyo in Tulsa had invested in to get us a great room at the DoubleTree with a dance floor and catering services to feed a couple hundred people.

I have been preparing myself for the possibility that the time would come and nobody would show up. That we would prepare a show, that all our time amd efforts would go unseen. And the doors opened and nobody came through.

But a few minutes passed and 2 men walked through. Strangers to me, they has heard of the show and cake all the way from Arkansas to see it. Then over the next 50 minutes, 6 more people showed up, 2 of them friends of mine.

The fact that we had prepared a a how for 250 people and 8 showed up didn't crush my heart, it opened my soul. I was so elated that people came.

We proceeded to put on an amazing show and I was given new energy as I was shown that the crowd was not only engaged, they were invested in what we were saying. Participating in dialog. Keeping me on my toes. Opening their hearts.

We gave a phenomenally inspiring show and I in turn was inspired by everyone who came out. They even participated in our rave at the end. There's nothing more beautiful than 6 people tearing it up to daft punk on the dance floor surrounded by laser lights.

Our show wasn't a failure because the number was so small. It was a resounding success because not only did a small number come, but they were moved by what they saw and they will remember what they experienced, as will I.

The fact that anyone would consider me when it comes to putting on something like this. The fact that others would join me because they have my back. The fact that the audience trusted us to guide them through this night. I am renewed in my soul.

I'm still in awe and very humbled the next it the company of such beautiful souls... And if I died tonight, I would die happy knowing that I touched those 8 people and they in turn reminded me why I'm here and what I'm here to do.