Aaron here. Wanted to make sure to introduce a dear friend, and incredibly talented Tulsan. If you saw the wonder that went up 12:00 AM on Tuesday, then I'd like to further introduce to you, Sarah Rillo. She's an ultra-talented dancer, instructor, and choreographer; and she's back in Tulsa. Well actually not this very minute. She's currently on the road with the world-renown Phantom Regiment as a choreographer.

But her home base has returned to the Tulsa area after several years of learning, teaching, and dancing in Michigan and around the world. In one of our first meetings after her return, we went around the block to find a lit up fountain with one intention: Make something awesome.

She has ben doing improv dancing around different architecture and environments as an exercise. Well, we decided to do just that, but add the element of music as a reactive component. Whatever she did would generate the music.

Anyway, it was a blast to work on, and I think we'll get around to doing several more very soon. In the meantime, Wonderheim is REALLY back to uploading on the regular after a busy month.

Stay tuned as always.