Greetings all! I’m thrilled to be reporting back on the Wonderheim site for the first time in a while, because without much fanfare, we’ve been working on some large-scale wonders!

SC King and I are busy crafting one of our biggest productions to date, while myself and Zach Raw break ground on another!

2018 saw a lot of growth for our artistic careers in Tulsa and beyond. Personally, I’ve been spending more time with my non-profit organization Zephyrus Arts Institute. Zephyrus is dedicated to providing arts education opportunities in the Tulsa area. The flagship program is our SoundSport Team which is an ensemble moving towards becoming a national-touring drum corps.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be expanding my work in the area of scoring films! After a couple years of working on some amazing festival shorts, I’ve been contracted to write the original scores for multiple major feature films!

Stephen is hard at work (as always) on several creative projects including the next chapter to Darkly, an audiobook, and his imaginative TV pilot, Possiprobamaybe!

Much is being made, so look forward to seeing more soon. As a matter of fact, I think a Wonder might be popping up here in a moment… you never know for sure. Might want to check back at midnight!