The team

Aaron J. Morton

Aaron J. Morton is the founder and director of Wonderheim. He has a background in filmmaking, 3D animation, composition, music education, choreography, and many other arts and sciences. He writes original scores for horror films, directs a non-profit, and designs marching band shows.

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SC King

Stephen 'SC' King is a Tulsa-raised cartoonist, actor, and musician whose inspiration comes from the smiles of others. His mission is to create thoughtful work of entertainment as well as increase diversity in the media. Teaming up with Aaron and Wonderheim is just the next step in his mission to create the world a better place.

Stephen is also the head writer and lead actor for Don't Bring Me Down.


Morgan C. Morton

Morgan C. Morton married into the Wonderheim family through Aaron in October of 2014. Before then, she assisted Wonderheim at live performances through light engineering, and public relations. She has a passion for planning and building, as well as a skill for organization. Today, she acts as an advisor and manager for Wonderheim endeavors.

Morgan is also the unit production manager for Don't Bring Me Down.