Don’t Bring Me Down

Not in production… (yet)

Don't Bring Me Down is a story we put a lot of effort into bringing to life back in 2016-2017. We even started shooting test scenes with a crew, and pitched a fundraiser to cover production costs. Since then, our vision for the project outgrew our own capabilities. Currently, DBMD sits at the top of the list of things we want to accomplish. It is our end goal. While we continue to build ourselves up as artists, we’ve continued to look forward to when the film (and related materials could be produced).

While it was hard to pause pre-production and indefinitely hold off on progress, progress in fact has been made. SC King and Aaron J. Morton have both made strides in their careers and are both still dedicated to bringing this tale to screen!

I’m confident that we will revisit Don’t Bring Me Down soon. We’re currently learning a lot with the smaller productions we’ve been running. One of the most valuable things I think both Stephen and I have learned is that there are a lot of insanely talented people ready to take on important parts of our workload. We’ve both had a habit of using our multiple skill sets to go completely one-man-band. That doesn’t work for a 90-minute film.

We want to do this story justice. We don’t want the people working on this to get burnt out. it has to be done right. So in the future, there will be a time when we lay the groundwork to tackle this monster. It will be expensive, and it will be bigger than anything else we’ve done.
— Aaron J. Morton, Co-Creator

Kevin Holliday (character pictured) is an unusually positive person, but when his new employer gives him a mysterious yet fashionable glove (that happens to have the power to break into people's minds), everything changes. Duh.

Co-written by Stephen "S.C." King and Aaron J. Morton, this story takes place in a stylized world reminiscent to the unrealistic physics and situations of video games and comic books.