Don't Bring Me Down is a independent film about to go into production. Most filming will occur in and around Tulsa, OK in the Spring of 2017. But it's way more than that. We're putting out film, comics, music, and other forms of artwork to take the storytelling experience to the next level! As you follow us on this website and social media, new content will be coming out regularly. We're thrilled to be tackling this challenging adventure!

Kevin Holliday (character pictured) is an unusually positive person, but when his new employer gives him a mysterious yet fashionable glove (that happens to have the power to break into people's minds), everything changes. Duh.

Co-written by Stephen "S.C." King and Aaron J. Morton, this story takes place in a stylized world reminiscent to the unrealistic physics and situations of video games and comic books.

Help us make Don't Bring Me Down happen!