Reflections I

Reflections I

This was the experiment:

Find a location, improvise a dance based on the setting (one attempt), then score the music to the film, based on the dance.

Dance - Sarah Rillo
Film & Music - Aaron J. Morton

More to come.

STRIKE + Bixby High School Rifle Ensemble

STRIKE + Bixby High School Rifle Ensemble

Another excerpt from Bixby High School's 2017 Winter Guard show, The Transformation of Automatona. Well done to the Rifle Ensemble!

Instructor: McKenzie Vermillion
Music: Aaron J. Morton

The Dance of Automatona

The Dance of Automatona

This is an excerpt of Bixby High School Winter Guard's 2017 production The Transformation of Automatona. It tells the story of an automaton dancer who transforms into a human being, and back again.

Soloist: Shelby Roye

Music by Aaron J. Morton.



Use your imagination.

My silhouette watched quietly
As the storm rolled in
But truly my mind was far away

I traveled to distant worlds
And times that have yet to begin
Because no one was here to make me stay

Say those worlds aren't real
Reality cannot be bent
If you were not there to wake me up
Then that is where I went

Teleport by Aaron J. Morton


Analyze by Aaron J. Morton.

This quick piece is an audible journey through problem solving. There may not be much to it, but you may find that by the end of your listening experience, you feel ready to solve any riddle life throw at you!

Darkly Melodies (Part 1)

Darkly is a new feed on where SC King tells us a strange story about... well why don't you see for yourself, HERE.

Sweet Dreams, Tulsa

You miniature metropolis, you giant small-town, you beautiful city. Sleep well tonight. You'll need to be rested tomorrow. Tomorrow brings the unknown, and the unimaginable. Tomorrow brings new rising stars, and hearts falling in love. Tomorrow brings Tulsa's dreams into reality. That takes a lot of work, and a lot of imagination. Making the unreal into the real... Ah, yes. Tomorrow is bright. But for now, rest. For now, Sweet Dreams, Tulsa.


The Hero Rises

In the finale of the show To Be A Hero, we define what it means to be a hero and invite the audience to join the fandom life society. This final piece in the program is the hero's salute. Now rise, and be a hero!

Fandom Life Thing

Fandom Life Thing

So much can be enjoyed in the art of storytelling. Whether it's a game, movie, book, or song, we get attached to the experiences they give us. We're left with something long lasting.