Dreams & Nightmares is a journey you are invited to take with us. Your guide is mystery. Your path wanders. All of the music is interconnected. The lyrics depict a series of characters which are played by the musicians and the listener (much of the EP is in second person).


Dreams & Nightmares is about the very experience of living. In all its beauty and darkness, we invite you to step aboard.

All aboard it is time to go
Where no one in the world has ever been before
It's a place where only you can be
Your guide today will be MYSTERY....


Where You Are is a plea to you, the main character to live in the moment. You're visited by the teacher three times in your life when you fail this task. First is when you are at rock bottom, and cannot envision the possibilities of a bright future. Second is when you live positively but without purpose. Finally, the last verse is the moment you've made it, and you don't realize how great you have it. You've arrived- now enjoy!

Easter Eggs:
Bridge features the "Amanda melody" in the cello.

Villain is a cautionary redemption tale. The villain was created by being ignored or shunned, and considered this to be a failure. Tired of this fate, he changed his goal to be one easier to achieve: fear and hate. In the middle of the song, the villain recognizes on his own that this change of target did not bring him happiness, and he now wishes to try again from the beginning with a fresh start. The instrumental section depicts him wrestling with who he is and who he wants to be. In the end, the villain rises victorious and denounces his title.

Amanda is a character plagued with depression. She is blinded by circumstances, unable to see what lies next. Everyday in the United States, an average of 117 people commit suicide. It's not an easy battle for them or their loved ones.

Gather around, I've got something to say
Our life is a story and it will not always be this way
It's got its ups and downs, it's got its softs and louds
Like a masterful composer's dream

Easter Eggs:
The instrumental melody is hidden all over the rest of the EP; Amanda is the musical centerpiece.
"Where You Are" is intentionally emphasized near the middle of the song- as if breaking you out of a trance.
Shortly thereafter, the "Dreams & Nightmares melody" can be heard in the bells and chimes. Another bleed over from the rest of the album.

Culmination is a piano piece that mashes up years of compositions by Aaron J. Morton with melodies from "Amanda" and beyond, perhaps even some themes you'll continue to hear in the future...


Lights is the destination. It describes total bliss and satisfaction, wherever you may find it. The pounding eighth notes in the chorus intentionally resemble the climax of Dreams & Nightmares, as if you're re-entering the atmosphere.

Easter Eggs:
The centerpiece of the EP, "Amanda" makes one final appearance from the Cello during the final build.

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Album credits:

Aaron J. Morton: Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Lead Vocalist, Keyboards, Percussion, Strings, Bass
Matt Morton: Guitar, Assistant Producer
Seth McNamar: Bass
Brittany Morgan: Drums
Stephen Piveral: Bass, Album Artwork
Rick Morton: Fiddle

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Wonderheim Home Studio 1, drum set recorded at Drapp Studios.